Welcome to Horse Eye. We create seminars based on your direct interaction with horses, in order to help you become a better leader and to reach your objectives easier, faster.

What are your team's objectives this year?

This seminar changes the perspective on leadership and on the way business trainings should  work.

Horse Eye is an experiential learning organization, based on the direct interaction with horses - unique in Romania. Also very entertaining. We teach leaders, teams, organizations, entrepreneurs and anybody interested in emotional intelligence and authentic leadership. All of this in order to build better and more useful organizations and to help people work with joy. And no, to participate, there is no need to learn how to ride!   See our seminars

A few companies where we changed their perspective on leadership

Why should you choose Horse Eye?


Because you’ll discover the authentic leader in you

Authentic leadership, based on emotional intelligence, cannot be taught through classical teaching methods - from books or nice presentations. You can only learn it through direct experience, with your feet on the ground. This process generates the emotion and reveals the power of a true connection. In our seminars, this emotion and learning is gained by interacting with our horses - they are your colleagues for the day!


Because you’ll have engaged and driven teams

Employees generally leave a manager, not a job. By raising the leader’s emotional intelligence and the team’s EQ as well, the relationships will be built on trust and on mutual satisfaction of needs. Thus, you’ll notice a higher engagement and people who choose to stay for longer.


Because you’ll achieve easier change management

If you have involved teams, an authentic leader and an honest communication, projects will develop easier and will be easier to finalize because people understand the need for change and will support it. The message you want to communication will be decoded correctly.


Because you’ll have a blast!

O day on which you’ll have fun and you will not feel the need to check out your Facebook account (though we encourage you to check in) or the work email...horses, through their generosity and through their engaging personalities will captivate you in a way no training ever did!

The secret of our methodology - a mix of 3 areas


Emotional Intelligence

Studies show that self-awareness, self-management and social-awareness are abilities that predict and show leadership performance as well as happiness in the office.

Mix trei zone


The art of being present is an essential ability to personal development. Communication with horses and everybody else for that matter will improve significantly when you learn to focus on the present moment, forgetting the worries of the future or the resentment of the past.


Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is an organizational change methodology which places the focus on the positive side of things that are already taking place, and by finding the internal resources (of the company, of the people) required to fuel the change.


Why are Horse Eye seminars unique?

You never forget!

90% of what you learn in classical seminars gets forgotten within 1 month. What you learn by direct experience never gets forgotten.

What you learn, you’ll always recall and use!

Tested methodology

The methodology Horse Eye uses is tested worldwide by over 200 companies: from PWC to Disney Inc. from Toyota to McKinsey.

It works wonderfully in any industry because its principles active deeply human insights.

Personalized curriculum

Each seminar is entirely adapted to finding the solution to your issues.

So you get instant results.

Choose the perfect program for you and your team

Transformational Leadership Seminar

Learn through direct experience how you can help your team transform into a very engaged team. See seminar »

Easy Organizational Change Seminar

Find out how to motivate your team so that the team accepts and supports any organizational change initiative. See seminar »

The Secret Anatomy of Projects

Learn the fundamentals of Project Management - what you really don’t discover in classical PM methodologies - about how you can achieve statistically successful projects in 99% of situations. See seminar »