Business trainings with the help of horses

Leadership Seminars

Change Management Seminars

Horse Assisted Individual and Team Coaching

We organise experiential trainings for businesspeople and entrepreneurs blending our management experience in multiple industries, multinational corporations, and several geographies with our lifelong passion for horses.

The design of the seminars is based on psychology and sociology research, animal therapy research and our trainers’ qualifications and certifications in leadership training, organisational behaviour, and coaching as well as on our extensive experience in transformation, change management and project management. The seminars do not necessarily involve riding, but mostly working with horses at ground level, in large airy spaces, close to nature.

It can be a question about horse assisted business trainings, leadership seminars, coaching with horses, change management with horses or even team buildings.

Who is it for?

  • Management teams looking for mutual trust and a better way of working.
  • Company board of executives looking for alignment, deeper personal knowledge, and exploration of strategy
  • Team coaches and their team of coachees looking for discovery and confirmation of the coaching directions
  • Sales teams willing to bond with their clients
  • Virtually any team willing to explore their culture and improve behaviors

What do we explore at individual, team and organization level?

  • Behaviors associated with leadership, situational leadership
  • Preferred leadership styles at individual level
  • Simple and clear communication within a team
  • Trust
  • Managing under pressure
  • Change Management stages
  • Team and organisation culture traits such as risk orientation, precision, fairness, achievement, collaboration competitive orientation, rule and hierarchy
  • Effective Planning

How it works and why horses

Horses are social: they are gregarious creatures with very rich social life; they follow leaders, have favorites, and belong to a group.

Horses cannot be fooled: Horses developed acute senses – they can see the size of your eye’s pupil, the independent movement of your fingers, gestures, posture, mimics, but also hear your breathing and heartbeat. Predators are known to dissimulate, so as pray animals, the horses have learned to decipher the body language and looking mostly at visceral signs that you cannot fake, they are able to decide in a split second. As a human, you cannot lie or fool the horses about your intention.

Horses are empathetic: The tools, processes and systems in a company have no intrinsic importance, but only the importance given to them by the users. Although horses obviously do not understand what a client or a CEO is, they do observe and understand the way we relate to people or inanimate objects. Being such empathetic creatures, they will understand and share the feelings of another (human or other being). Horses will share the emotional state of the participants and people, objects, props, scenarios will suddenly have the same meaning and importance they have for us.

Business & office scenarios: Having understood the acute senses, social structure and empathy of horses we design relevant office and business scenarios and distribute horses in roles such as client, manager, team, etc. Then we have participants joining in. There are numerous exercises where one participant can work with seven horses at the same time, or an entire team of people works with one horse only, etc.

Why it works so well

Emotion, experience, credible feedback

As the seminar is highly emotional, participants will never forget the situations mimicking the office environment and the associated feedback. The participants will receive feedback from the facilitator, from their peers, will understand what the horses communicate, will be able to watch again and again the videos of their time spent with the horses. But the most powerful clue is what they’ve felt during the exercises with horses; the emotion, the strong right and wrong, or achievement feeling will be a permanent point of reference and a source of learning.

Horses are beautiful and positive

they create a positive environment which is an essential condition for learning. They are also big and spirited, so they can put people in a humble position.

Where is it happening

Usually, it happens in a riding school or equestrian club as we prefer to work with spirited sports horses.

We can work with any horses as long we get the chance to work with them for gaining their trust and to test them, find them safe, free for vices and trauma. We have organized the seminars in Bucharest and many ther cities in Romania, but also in USA, France, Germany, Spain, and Poland.

About the trainers

George Leca

For over 20 years, George Leca has led the strategy execution departments in large companies, both locally and regionally. George is specialised in change management, project, program and portfolio management, corporate governance, reporting, integrated business planning and customer experience.

He is also coach, trainer, facilitator, and the founder of HorseEye; the first horse assisted business education organization in the country and the organizer of DisruptHR events in Romania. George Leca is a board member of the Association for Values in Education, an NGO he has founded along with other likeminded businesspeople for the purpose of initiating and supporting scalable projects in education. The Association for Values in Education is facilitating the involvement of private companies and civil society in transformational initiatives with high impact in education.

Corina Leca

Although Corina Leca started her career in the hospitality business, she is an entrepreneur and for the last 15 years has been running her corporate events business. In parallel she has started her own high fashion brand DeCorina Hats. In a space of a few years the brand reached clients on three continents and made the covers of prestigious fashion magazines in many horses.

Corina is a passionate horse rider and co-founder of HorseEye; the first horse assisted business education organization in the country and the organizer of DisruptHR events in Romania.

She is a certified change management facilitator and leadership trainer.

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