Why do you need a PMO set-up?

Why would I decide to set-up a PMO? Most of the time, the answer is simple: pain. It can be painful and exhausting for executives to feel like the multitude of projects, their prioritization, execution and value realization gets out of hand.

I simply see the PMO as a cockpit from where the CEO or the board can accelerate, slow down or bring to a stop business changes

What will be my three priorities when managing the portfolio?

  • Reduce the projects to the ones supporting the strategy, focus on them.
  • Create an environment where not one or two projects are brilliantly successful, but were the majority of projects are statistically successful.
  • For individual projects or programs focus on two thin
    gs; user / customer experience and benefits realization.

Do not think about PMO as an IT (department) PMO, or a Project PMO! PMO can take care of any or all areas in the business: Commercial, Finance, HR, Technology, IT, etc.

What to look for when considering a PMO?

  • Number of simultaneous projects
  • Growing number of demands to be transformed in projects
  • Size of resource draining projects
  • Complex sharing of resources between BAU and projects
  • Lack of data for decision process
  • Transformation and change in organization

Wondering about Project / Programme Management Office Mission And Vision?

What about something along the lines of:

The Project Management Office will provide excellence in project management to enable business change for the purpose of efficiency and growth.

When knowing the needs of the organisation, PMO vision is also easy enough to define:

Collect and match the demands with business strategy, translate the prioritized demands in projects supporting the business strategy.

Identify, manage, and eliminate problems enabling projects to succeed, delivering high quality results on time and within budget and create the conditions for benefits realisation.

Provide a decision making framework that is simple and repeatable to govern the organization project investments and efficient resources allocation in projects.

Provide regular, accurate, formalized portfolio, project and programme reports against baseline in order to facilitate decision process and manage expectations of stakeholders through status reporting.

Ensure timely pruning of projects portfolio in line with the business priorities, challenges and opportunities.

Trouble comes when it is time to develop the Project Office capabilities to serve the business. Let me help you with that: George@ProjectOffice.solutions