Learn through direct experience how to transform any team in one that is emotionally engaged!

Disengaged teams are a major issue for every company. Tens of studies show that lack of engagement leads to financial loss, people quitting frequently and general stress level. It’s not about mean intentions, nobody really gets employed because he means to do harm, it’s rather about erroneous leadership perceptions and inauthentic communication - despite numerous training programmes. So, another one of the same it’s not going to solve this issue.

Why Horse Eye Tranformational Leadership Seminar?

Because we don’t offer a classic training, but a real tangible experience with emotional impact. Here we recreate common office situations and the employees are acted out by the horses - the most honest, direct and transparent teachers.

By recreating office situations, you see for yourself what works and what doesn’t when it comes to team communication and leadership.

Try to identify the leader of this team. You will be surprised!

In this seminar, you and your team will learn:

  • What it is and what authentic leadership feels like. You will experience all this information, thought emotion, not thought proper “learning”
  • How to notice and decode non-verbal signals coming from your team or colleagues
  • Why you sometimes feel misunderstood, unsupported or you just don’t elicit the reaction that you expect in line with what you want to communicate
  • The way verbal and non-verbal messages are decoded by your team
  • How to communicate authentically, so that your message gets through correctly and the team supports your initiatives
  • How to identify perceptions and erroneous beliefs about what it means to be a true leader (you’ll be surprised)
  • How to help people follow you and be happy with their choice
  • How to create a space of trust and unconditional respect

And so much more...

Why should I attend and bring my team with me?

  • Because after this seminar, you will all be emotionally involved in projects and each of you will do his or her best to make the situation easier for colleagues;
  • The team will be much more satisfied;
  • Projects will work out easier, with less obstacles - so you get maximum efficiency also in terms of time and money;
  • What you’ll discover stays with you for a long time. Why? Because you learn through experience, not through concept written assimilation.



See what previous participants are saying about the seminar


An unique experience which takes us outside our daily corporate worries. It works wonders for Generations X and Y.

Anca Tudorache

Human Resources Director


100% Team & Self development, in a true and authentic learning environment.

Monica Ciurea

Resourcing and Development Specialist


It is the safest and surest way to explore and highlight a leader’s authenticity and his purpose. For me it was a beautiful experience and I am very happy to leave the seminar with lots of important “aha” moments.

Roxana Axini

Organizational Development Specialist