Be part of the first leadership coaching “hands on” programme, in which you recreate office situations in the present moment, and work on them with the help of the horses

The world is full of people who stopped listening to themselves. Some, only listen to others to discover what they should do, how they should behave and the values and beliefs they should hold. But if we don’t believe in ourselves until somebody else shows us we have something valuable, we lose part of ourselves. It is here where horse-led coaching can help.

What's in it for me?

What it is and how does it work?

The programme is structured in 1.5h sessions and take place in Bucharest. The programme has either 8 sessions or 5, depending on whether you previously took part in our Transformational Leadership Programme. The reason being that if you took part in this seminar, we already covered your evaluation sessions.

At the beginning of the coaching contract we talk to you, to your manager and your team in order to uncover challenges and to agree objectives.

Each session is accompanied by the coach and 1 or 2 horses in several exercises that reveal your motivations and behaviors that need to change in order to reach your objective. Next, your coach will translate the horse’s reaction so that you understand how your colleagues perceive the interaction with you.

Our coaching methodology is based, the same as the Easy Change Seminar, on the Appreciative Inquiry framework, mindfulness principles and follows to develop emotional intelligence in all participants.

Who should take part?

The 121 Leadership Coaching is aimed at managers as well as to those that wish to become better leaders.

It has major benefits over aspects hard to improve thought classical methods - be it books, training session or classes - and focuses on “soft” or blind spots: non-verbal communication, EQ, personal impact or focused communication.

What will you get out of it?

  • Communicating with horses, you will learn to align your intentions with your behavior so that your messages are perceived just as you wanted them to be.
  • You will learn to communicate with clarity
  • You’ll develop yuor EQ
  • You’ll understand much better how the others perceive the world and what are their needs
  • How to build stronger relationships, based on trust
  • How to be more creative and positive in responding to challenges at the office
  • To be much more efficient in giving and receiving feedback (and to understand the role of the continuous feedback, not the scheduled one)
  • To develop an authentic leadership style

Why horse-led coaching vs traditional coaching?


Horses, because in nature they are prey, are naturally attuned to your intentions. The horse “sees” you as you are, and you can see yourself though his eyes - without fear of being judged or evaluated, as it often happens at the office or even before a mentor. Thus, you learn the real you.

Instant feedback

Horses do not plan, do no strategize. They react promptly to whatever happens: they either follow you if they trust you, or ignore or deny your wishes. And the faster you get feedback, the faster you can improve - unlike the office where feedback comes once every 6 months or at the yearly review. Or unlike a coach who relies on your subjective account of events.

You experience!

Traditional coaching relies on a talk between you and the coach and on your version of events. Horse-led coaching is different. Here the feedback is on your in-the-moment reactions based on events at the office that are recreated between you and your colleagues (the horses). Thus you get a much better evaluation of your behavior.