Find out the fundamentals of making projects successful in 99% of the cases

Projects fail. They go over budget and often don’t reach their goals. These failed results impact negatively on team members but also the organization as a whole, much more than the missed project opportunity. Why projects fail is documented.

But why do they succeed? This is the question we are tackling in the Secret Anatomy of Projects Seminar.

Why do projects succeed?

Still, just the focus you place on people’s roles in projects, on their emotional involvement, on the way they react when the project specs change on the fly - this focus is the “secret” revealed by our seminar.

A short analogy: if your project is painting Monalisa - our seminar reveals what Leonardo was feeling and thinking while painting her. And the usual PM methodology was the sequence of paints, tints and canvas.

The horse is your project and as any project will navigate challenges. Pay attention to the project team roles.

Seminar curriculum

99% success

Which are the factors that ensure project success, no matter the project methodology you choose.

Clear objectives and specifications

Learn how to separate what people say they want and what their need is.

Emotional resiliency

Learn how to be emotionally resilient and able to bounce back from project failures, frequent scope changes and how to focus on the positive side of projects while managing stress.

Emotional engagement

How to emotionally involve people in the project, so that their contribution and support are aligned with project scope.

Executive support

How to attract executive support and engage them during the whole project duration, not just in the beginning.

Various methodologies

How to prioritize and run a portfolio of projects and how to reconcile Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

Project psychology

Choose from a full day or half-day programme.

Adapt on the fly

Learn how to adapt to frequent changes on the background of a more agile business environment.

See what participants say about this seminar

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Raiffeisen Bank

Firstly, an unique personal experience. Sometimes you miss very simple and obvious things in business. This seminar helps you see these “under the radar” issues which help or hinder you reaching objectives. You understand the importance of all types of communications and your need to be crystal clear.

Ștefania, Raiffeisen Bank

DLA Piper

It was something totally different to initial expectations. I learned how important it is to be clear and decisive in communication, to lead projects to success.

Diana Ristici, Senior PSL

A&D Pharma

I thought that I had nothing more to learn (I am 46 years old…) but today I learned that I was wrong. I hadn’t expected this perspective, though I always talk to my colleagues about “new perspectives”...Thank you!

George Zafton, Sales Manager, A&D Pharma