Find out how to motivate your team so that it accepts and supports any organizational change endeavour

Whether we talk about changing the ERP system or a new customer service model, or just a simple office relocation project, the word change brinigs about the fear of the unknown, mistrust, inertia or outright opposition. And, invariably, failed projects. Recent studies show that only 49% of change projects reach their objectives.

But what if there was an easier way to reach success? How much would this way be worth to you and your team?

A PowerPoint never motivated anyone

The easy way it’s always one in which you emotionally involve people.

To lead a change you need to involve as much the emotional side as the rational side. The rational part is usually well taken care of by strategy presentations, cost analysis and ppt docs, yet the emotional - why we would benefit from the change - it’s often left out of the picture. This is a big mistake since only emotions can really “move” projects.

The aim of this seminar is precisely this: to identify the easy way, the emotionally-led way to gain employee engagement with the proposed change.

See how the employees perceive the changes as opposed to the perception of those initiating the changes.

What will you and your team discover in this seminar?

  • The easy way to change fast and efficiently
  • How to transform the negative perception of “change” - from fear, inertia and apathy to hope, urgency, collaboration and cooperation
  • How to focus on what is positive and already working and helping the change process versus focussing on negative elements that need repairing
  • How to plan and prioritize processes so that change comes from within, not from some external factors
  • How to generate emotional attachment to change, no matter the type and size of change
  • How to set up the basis of an organizational culture that is positive, energizing and uplifting

...and many more useful lessons.

With a horse-led team building, you will see the outcomes not only on the next Monday, but also a long time after

Learning through direct experience and emotional involvement

In all our seminars - all that you learn - you actually experiment, live. And if you live, inevitable you will experience strong emotion, especially around our facilitators and teaches: our impressive horses.

Emotions have numerous benefits among which the fact that you never forget what you once felt and you will always be capable to recreate those learnings for the future.

Another major benefit is the fact that our horses will play the perfect team role, the role of the bosses, of direct reports or colleagues. Thus the exercises reenact office situations, not hypothetical examples.

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Applying AI methodology

AI is an analysis and decision making methodology for organizational change management. This model, unlike other methodologies that stress identifying and fixing errors or downsides, focuses on identifying strong points on which the team can build an ideal future. Starting from this common ideal, the team shapes the road to go in order to reach this ideal.

The major AI benefit is the fact that people create their own change path, thus will support what they themselves created. They will have the ownership of the project and will take the lead.

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See what other leaders who run organisational change projects say

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"What I liked about the experience is that it was so practical, not much theory and power points (...). The seminar was direct to the point and had maximum effect. Thank you, ”

Anda Păsteanu,  Chief Development Department 

BCR Asigurări

"A very special seminar, very useful and necessary both at individual level but also for manager that are responsible for the well being and performance of others. Horse Eye facilitates an extraordinary meeting with yourself."

Raluca, Senior Transversal Project Manager

"A unique and innovative programme that opened new perspectives on my own leadership style, team work and horses - a topic I knew nothing about until now. Congrats to team Horse Eye!" 

Cristian Ionescu

Country Manager, Expense Reduction Analysts

Expense Reduction Analysts Expense Reduction Analysts