With a horse-led team building, you will see the outcomes not only on the next Monday, but also a long time after.

We sort of know what you’ll say: We want a team building but not like others. Why? Because a classic team building cannot solve deep seated team issues. We’ve tried that already and it doesn’t really work. We dare to suggest something different. Here’s why:

Why should you choose Horse Eye team building?

Horses are not polite

Team buildings are meant to improve team relationships yet trainers often have their own agenda. This means that probably the feedback they give is a little biased, even unconsciously. Horses are different.

At Horse Eye, horses are the actual trainers and facilitators and they do not have an agenda, don’t know your past and don’t hope to do further business with you. As a result, horses give much better feedback.

Emotions change attitudes and behaviors

Common team building games (treasure hunt, Lego bricks etc) are predictable and do not have the ability to solve certain relationship issues. People can fake it or at best, they can collaborate for the sake of the game but, come Monday, same old behaviors will resurface.

Horse Eye team buildings are unique in that, working with horses generate emotions, and emotions have the power to change behaviors. People effectively remember “what horses told” them.

We want to have fun, but with a purpose

Classic team buildings focus on “what” - what activities are we going to do? Will they be fun? Will everybody want to attend? Somehow we overlook the reason we go to retreats and assume it will go away by itself.

If you choose instead a horse-led team building, all the experience we create starts from your specific situation: do you have a new team? Do you have a new team member that need to fit in? Are you a new team leader? Does the company lack leadership or values that do not help it? We uncover the cause and create the exercises that help the team solve its issues by itself.

Because you will have the time of your life!

Escalade, paintball, biking, hiking or ATVs - no matter how out of the box for some participants, these activities will never generate the pure sheer pleasure of meeting the horses. Nothing can surpass this experience, maybe only when we start to run team buildings with Panda bears 🙂



How does it feel?

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"Unique experience, I was able to overcome a psychological barrier, to touch a horse. I would recommend this team building to other people as it is a journey of self discovery."

Alina Mag - Sensiblu


"I would recommend this for team objectives alignment, self esteem and trust, courage, determination, overcoming limits and self-awareness." 

Mariana - HR Manager, GSK


"The most interesting and amazing aspect is going back to fundamental human values, values that should be found in every company: integrity, honesty, solid principles."

Andreea Pandelache - HR/OD Consultant, Orange


  • We can run these team buildings for 8 to 45 people at a time
  • Choose from a full day or half-day programme
  • Everything is filmed so that each participant can see herself or himself whenever necessary
  • Each participant receives personal feedback from both horses and trainers
  • There is no riding involved, so everyone can participate
  • All horses are tested in multiple situations, so there is no injury risk
  • The trainers are EAHAE accredited trainers. See their bios.
  • We can take care of your team building from A to Z, though our partnership with event company Take 1.
    We can organize seminars in any location that has a suitable facility. We tested events in Bucharest, Rasnov, Cluj, Oradea and Sibiu.

Available locations

We can organise the seminars in any location that has facilities for horses. To date we have organised in Bucharest, Râșnov, Cluj, Oradea and Sibiu.

A to Z event management

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We can manage your teambuilding from A to Z through the in-house partnership we have with Take 1 Events, event management agency. Go to Take 1 Events website